What should we talk about?

Great minds discuss ideas;

Average minds discuss events;

Small minds discuss people.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

What should we talk about? Yesterday’s events?  People in the news?  How about the future?

Have you ever noticed how a person’s energy level changes based on the topic of conversation.  The highest level of energy is derived when someone has this ‘great idea’.  Their level of engagement, enthusiasm and passion is automatically heightened when they describe an idea that serves a better future.  There is a level of satisfaction that comes from our ability to ‘create’ and make the world a better place.  We have all been given the gift of creativity from our Creator, but we must choose to use it.

Some of the greatest minds in history have spent the majority of their waking moments (and I suspect some of their dreams) thinking about and discussing ideas.  They have conscientiously chosen to focus on ways in which they can contribute to the world, rather than discuss past events and/or others.  Thomas Edison would spent countless hours in his garden with Henry Ford discussing ideas.  You know the rest of the story.

It’s not that we should not be interested in past events or other people.  It’s a question of how we think about and discuss them.  When people discuss people, there is a tendency to judge, characterize, blame, stereotype, and compare.  When people discuss events, we still remain in the past evaluating the people and events that contributed to it.  When people discuss ideas, they automatically are moving forward, exploring what it will take (people & events) to make it happen.

I think it becomes both addictive and perpetual.  The more people focus on ideas, the more they exercise their mind.  The more they exercise their mind, the more they want to discuss ideas.  No wonder why ‘great minds discuss ideas’.

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