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Meet your learning concierge...

Mo provides access to relevant information within the tools you already communicate with!

Mo is a cognitive assistant that uses IBM Watson to interact naturally with humans. With Watson is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. Mo is a trademark of SCAD AI.

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Mo is your Learning Concierge and is with you wherever you go.  Mo bot technology can be added as a contact in your existing communication tools: Skype, Slack, Chat, IM, etc..  Just add Mo to the conversation and start learning.

Mo utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to find relevant information to your challenges and ideas.  Mo filters out all the irrelevant information such as advertisements and companies that the search engines typically display.

Mo also learns from you.  It tracks your ideas and challenges and is constantly searching for up-to-date information that supports your work.


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