Meet your innovation concierge...

  • Provides a idea management tool within your existing platform
  • Provides innovation tools and content delivered in ReThink
  • Provides current and relevant innovation research

Mo is a cognitive assistant that uses IBM Watson to interact naturally with humans. With Watson is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. Mo is a trademark of SCAD AI.

Push Mo challenges!

Wouldn't it be great if you could solicit ideas to your most challenging issues from anyone in the organization, real time?

Wouldn't it be great to communicate challenges instantaneously, using existing communication tools (Skype, Slack, Chat, IM, etc.)?

Mo bot technology allows you to share business challenges and unleash the ideas within your existing team.


Mo links ideas to challenges

Your team receives your challenges and allows them to submit ideas that drive business outcomes.

Ideas can be crowd sourced and expanded even further by inviting others to participating in the Thinking process.

Mo will also provide participants with a powerful search engine that finds additional information that is relevant to the challenge and idea.


Elegant Challenge Dashboard

Challenges can be accessed via a simple dashboard, allowing you to view activity and ratings.

Individual contributions and voting can be viewed for all challenges to help drive participation

Add a new challenge and solicit ideas!


Mo surfaces the ideas that have impact

Ideas for each challenge are displayed and sorted based on impact.

Examine each idea and view the evolution of the idea based on crowd-sourcing.

You can also view top contributors to an idea and communicate directly with those individuals.


Identify your innovators!

Want to know the top innovators in your organization?

By challenge, or in general, you can view the top contributors and view the ideas submitted.

This information can be used to assemble task teams, support reward systems, or just to acknowledge those that are driving innovation.


top contributors

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