Right in Front of our Faces

I've always been intrigued by winning & losing. Why, and how, do some organizations rise to the top? Fundamentally, organizations are pretty much the same: they operate in the same environment, have the same players, and follow the same rules. So there must be something else. I believe the answer has been in front of us the whole time.

I believe the answer is so counter-corporate that many of us have missed it all along. Organizations have been searching for the 'silver bullet' that will produce exponential growth and leap frog them ahead of the pack. The problem is they have been looking in the wrong place. Organizations spend millions of dollars on consultants to come in and tell them what they need to do differently.

Yet, they spend much more than that on hiring, managing, developing, and compensating internal resources. Why not ask those that are closest to the work? Why do all the answers lie either with leaders or external resources. The answer is, they don't.

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