Talent Engagement Network begins with the end in mind – your Business Outcomes.

Where do you want to go?  Where are you now?  What is the plan to get there?

Our Insights solutions answers these three critical questions relating to your specific business challenges.

1. Desired State

Where do you want to go?

We leverage our collective 50+years of experience working with hundreds of organizations to help clarify your vision and strategy.

And if you have more vision and strategy than you can handle, we’ll ask thought provoking, strategic questions that will enable you to prioritize and pursue what’s most important for your organization now and long term.

Our focus is helping you achieve your business objectives…faster.

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2. Current State

Where are you now?  How do you know? What’s getting in the way?  What's beneath the surface is as important-and often more important-than the 10% you can see.

Talent Engagement Network utilizes a variety of powerful, yet simple, tools to gain vital insights about your talent, including: validated online assessments, focus groups, discovery interviews with key leaders and existing data (e.g. engagement scores, exit interview data).

Our validated assessments identify the greatest areas of opportunity to impact engagement and innovation.

The TEq (Talent Engagement Quotient) is a comprehensive assessment that examines the factors that drive employee engagement.

The TIq (Talent Innovation Quotient) assessment measures the extent in which organizations support and drive innovationClick here to access the FREE TIq assessment.

3. Recommendations

With a clear understanding of the desired state and your team/organization’s strengths related to employee engagement and innovation, we provide recommendations to close the gaps and accelerate business results.  Recommendations may include:

1) Enhancing Talent Management Processes to support innovation

2) Equipping Leaders to model and lead for results

3) Building a Culture of innovation

4) Unleashing the potential in Individuals & Teams to better LEARN > THINK > INNOVATE

Ready to close the gap?

Our Talent Enablement solutions address these crucial areas that drive innovation.  If you would like to speak with an innovation consultant, click the button to the right.