Innovation Spectrum

There are 'roof shot' ideas, 'moon shot' ideas, and everything in between.  Regardless of the size, they are all critical to succeed.

Ideas are generated by asking the right questions.  Why do we do it that way?  When was this process developed?  Who will benefit from a change?  Where do we go from here?

Roof Shot ideas drive continuous improvement - getting better at same.

Moon Shot ideas create game changers - doing it different than the norm.

Most likely, ideas are lying dormant within your employees.  If only you could push the business challenges down and let the ideas rise.  Innovation is the key to succeeding and talent engagement is the key to innovation.  To what extent does your entire organization generate ideas on a regular basis?

Innovation opportunities occur at three levels:

  • Internal - ideas formulated around systems, processes, people, products, etc.
  • Ecosystem - ideas that change the landscape of the 'space' or industry that you play.
  • External - ideas that break through your ecosystem to compete in another space.

Each level provides NEW or DIFFERENT ways of doing things that deliver value for your company, clients, and stakeholders.


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