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Executive placement decisions are some of the most critical (and costly) decisions your organization will make.  Understanding a senior leader’s style, personality traits, IQ, EQ, strengths and development opportunities are key to making the best decision.   We offer a comprehensive assessment process and thorough reports that provide in-depth insights you need to get it right.

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Leaders are critical to developing and driving the strategic direction of the organization. They are also key in managing the day to day operations and driving organizational culture.

Whether hiring from the outside or promoting from within, assessing “fit” and “competence” of the candidates in relation to the role will empower you to make more informed, better hiring decisions.

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Talent Engagement Network provides employee assessments and hiring systems to help organizations identify and hire a productive workforce. We have a full suite of solutions designed for entry level positions in healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, call centers, hospitality, retail and more.  Our assessments measure key factors critical to job success-for example, safety risk for manufacturing positions or customer focus for call center associates.  All assessments have been developed by Industrial Organizational Psychologist and validated.

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Emerging talent is a critical aspect of your company’s future. The key to Hi-Po identification is to identify them as early as possible, develop their skills, and engage them in a way that allows them to realize their true potential.

High-potential employees tend to know their potential and will move on to another organization if they are not recognized, motivated, and challenged.

Identifying future leaders does not mean your job is done. Keeping them engaged with meaningful stretch assignments and developing their skills in important to ensuring that they are ready to lead when the time is right.

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Succession Planning

In order to meet the need for future leaders, it is critical for organizations to assess, identify, develop, and engage their current high potential employees to ensure they have a sustainable talent pipeline that is equipped to handle the challenges ahead.

We offer valid web-based assessments that measure key leadership competencies and personality traits.  The reports are simple yet insightful and useful to leaders making succession decisions as well as for the leader him/herself in identifying strengths and developmental opportunities.

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Team Building

Our assessments provide a common language for communication within teams and enable individuals to understand their own personality strengths.

Team building with our comprehensive reports establishes a solid foundation for teams to increase their emotional intelligence (EQ) and productivity.

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We offer web-based emotional intelligence surveys followed by one-on-one coaching to equip your employees with the awareness and ability to increase their EQ for better relationships and results.

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38% of all new leaders fail within the first 18 months

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