Executive Coaching

In the quest to achieve our greatest potential, a coach and well-defined process is invaluable. Coaching is a strategic process to help guide and support an individual (and often their team) to better align with corporate objectives and strategies.  The measurable domains of this alignment include better outcomes, better processes, and better relationships and networks.

TEN is proud to offer a team of exceptional coaches who bring both academic credibility and relevant business experience. They've been in leadership roles and understand the complexities of our ever-changing, fast paced world.

We design our coaching programs and match coaches based on your unique needs and objectives.


Meet our Coaches


Kevin Murnane
Adjunct Professor & Lecturer, Northwestern University: Kellogg School of Management, Masters of Science in Learning and Organizational Change, School of Education and Social Policy and Founder of Behtrics Consulting.

His background includes working with leaders at all levels, often focusing on the specific needs of the executive level. Kevin has coached and consulted in a wide variety of industries, with over one hundred Fortune 500 firms.

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