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Our Mission

Helping organizations achieve success through innovation.

Our leadership team has an average of 25 years experience in leadership, talent management, technology, learning & development, and OD, across every functional area.  We have worked in almost every industry and supported most business initiatives from Lean to M&A's.

Our passion is seeing business results, not establishing a culture for culture's sake and not training for training's sake. We are not consultants with all the answers.  The answers lie within the people that you have already hired.  We simply unleash the ideas that come from the 'experts' - your employees.

When it comes to achievement and winning, something is missing:

Strategy + Talent + Processes+ Products + ?

Organizations compete every day for the same resources.  It's not a surprise that it's such a tight race, with such a small disparity between those that achieve and those that are left behind.

Leaders take a macro view of the organization, establishing the vision, and pushing the plan down through the organization (figure 2), while Team Members whom are closest to the challenges, have great ideas they want to serve up.  Innovation occurs when team members understand the business challenges and are enabled to share ideas that impact business results.  Large or small, collectively these ideas can have significant impact.

The issue in many organizations is bridging the Challenges with the Solutions via creativity, new ideas, motivation, etc. (figure 3).  It requires a synthesis of relevant ideas that enable you to effectively address current issues.  Our mission is to help organizations develop and institutionalize this missing critical factor - INNOVATION.  A factor that sits dormant in most organizations.  A winning factor.

Meet our Leadership Team...

Our Leadership Team is eager to get to know you better.  We believe that the most important aspects of a business partnership are trust & respect.

Meet our Advisory Board...

Our Advisory Board provides on-going consultation and support based on a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Meet our Partners...

We learned long ago you can’t be great at everything.  Yet we recognize our client partners seek solutions outside of our wheelhouse.  That’s why we’ve partnered with only the 'best-in-class' organizations.