Driving Business Outcomes

We partner with organizations to drive business results by enhancing their ability to innovate - doing things better, faster, and/or cheaper.

Innovation is a value and a mindset that can be developed and institutionalized in your organization.

You hired exceptional talent.  Let's see what they can achieve.


Is your organization equipped to forge the future?

Product innovation becomes more and more important in a competitive ecosystem.  However, an organizations ability to define the future and control it's own destiny is a function of innovation across all aspects of the business.

Based on extensive research, organizations perceived as 'top innovators' rank highest in 9 key metrics (see dashboard on left).

If you are interested in how your organization measures up, our Talent Innovation Quotient (TIQ) assessment has been designed, and validated, to measure against these critical success factors.

Why Talent Engagement Network?

Exponential growth and winning requires that organizations change.  Whether it's incremental change via Continuous Improvement or significant change via Game Changers, it requires innovation - doing things better or doing things differently.

At the heart of innovation lies new ideas and ideas come from your most valuable asset - your talent.  Talent Engagement activates and equips your employees to generate and execute ideas within every area of the organization.  The current business climate not only requires a new approach to inspiring your talent, it demands it.

Talent Engagement Network helps organizations drive business results via INNOVATION, the key to winning. We focus on Talent Engagement by transforming organizations into Learners, Thinkers, & Innovators. TEN takes a holistic approach to this transformation by providing technology, training, coaching & consulting services.

Let us inspire innovation in your organization.




Knowledge & Skill Acquisition

Learning is foundational to innovation.  Becoming a 'learning organization' is not just providing 8 hours/year of instructor-led programs.  Learning is a on-going process, every day, always.

Our cutting-edge learning technology meets your organization where they already are.  Cognitively smart personalized learning platform for life + work situations. Learning-savvy checklists, bots & enterprise plug-ins for you and your team.  No implementation, no learning curve, just results.  Click here to schedule a demo.

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Challenge Collaboration

If not applied, learning offers little value to the organization.  Whereas learning is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, behaviors, and tools, thinking is the utilization of these competencies to accomplish something.

Cognitive and critical thinking skills can be learned.  It requires skill development, a mindset, and discipline that produces curiousity, inquisition, and need to collaborate.

The outcome is the exploration and evaluation of alternatives and viable options.

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Idea Management

Talent Engagement fosters learning, thinking, and the generation of new ideas.  Whether they are low-impact ideas that drive continuous improvement and incremental growth, or they are high-impact ideas that result in 'game changing' exponential growth, the ideas are key to winning.

There is no lack of ideas and everyone has them.  Ideas must be untapped and processed.

Innovation is a value, a noun, and a verb.  Innovation is multi-faceted, requiring a holistic approach for organization transformation.

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Next Steps...

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